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For pennies a day
  • Know that your Restaurant uses Hospital Grade disinfectants and follows enhanced protocols to ensure their safety, every time, every day.

  • Know that the SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ SEAL displayed at your entrance and on the wall means that when they enter your restaurant it is clean, disinfected, and safe.


  • Know that SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ visits your business, unannounced, every month to randomly sample and immediately test the dining room, bathrooms, and kitchen using state-of-the-art mobile Bio-Testing equipment to ensure that they have been properly disinfected for the safety of your guests.


  • Know that you truly care about their safety because you do not police yourself, but insist on SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ to ensure that your company is consistently following your strict cleaning protocols.


  • See the SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ SEAL on your advertising giving them confidence that you are doing everything in your power to protect them and their loved ones and are auditing your efforts through SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ rather than depending upon your own staff to self audit.

While it is not clear what the world will look like after COVID-19, it is clear that it may never look the same!

Now people worldwide will be more concerned than ever about the cleanliness and safety of the restaurants that they used to frequent as well as new restaurants that they visit for the first time.

Seeing the SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ signage and seal will give them the confidence and peace-of- mind that they need to feel safe again.

Our Licensing process is fast and easy. Don't miss potential business by not contacting us today to become SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™.

Interested in becoming a SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ client? Contact us now to learn how.
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